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We're Back - Recording starts soon!

Heroes of our Reality

We are into one month into filming the 3rd and Final installment to the Trilogy. It's a sad and emotional Journey, keep tabs for new Posters and a New Trailer ;-)

The Third Installment will take you on an emotional journey combining both episodes into one as we follow one last tim Paul Hiscock, Rocker Dupont and Chav Ip, in this final Battle for the Zeo-Verse. 


Premier of Episode 2

Episode 2 will be shown at Tauntons College, we will also be recording Heroes of our reality soon. Until then keep in tune for updates of when we will premier the episode. That is all...

Brand new update!

 After the hard work delivered by the cast this week. We have finally accomplished another amazing achievement! We have a Brand New episode, ready to air one the 14th of June. So stay tune on more details :-) 

With the new cast members "Elizabeth Pack" , " Alex Dupont", "Lew Matthews" As the awesome brand new antagonists! The Episode will Have special Guests Matthew Simpson, Elliot Miller and Luke Crush Picket!

We will have a brand new theme tune, brand new introduction to the new cast members! Brand new Everything! We are so happy to announce this as a cast but also as your friends! It gives us joy seeing our work being appreciated :-) 

The product will be avaliable for purchase with brand new merchandise, badges, new T-Shirts and of course the Brand new Episode 2 DVD "The Dark Side!"   :-)  

update for the 24th  of may! 

Currently Jordan Hiscott in his room (Other than masturbating) has finally had the time to order costumes in, props and even grab hold of some new sound tracks. Recording commences next week 24/5/2011, with a new scene added to the episode 3 set-list cast will receive the new set-list and Improv scripts next week. In the meanwhile we have a very special treat from Lew Matthews for Galactik Geek! We shall soon have this baby wrapped up! With everything nearly out of the way with dedication from the cast we can have recording done in 2 weeks and then everything will be finished and uploaded next month. I need people to work with me. If your a fan then I hope you will appreciate the fact we are fat bastards who can't be bothered to do anything and therefore need "YOUR" Motivation and cooperation to help us going!

SOlent COmpetition

News has come in on a date of the Show us your Shots Award Ceremony. Fingers crossed as it is only weeks away :-)

Episode "2" - The dark Side

At long last Jordan Hiscott has giving a release date, however first produced onto DVD and then weeks later it will be immediately published onto the internet. But none the less it is good to see progress and the fact a new instalment is around the corner. As we know Filming for episode 3 commences start of next month which means we will have plenty to occupy ourselves with! In the mean time :-)

Galactik Geek  - The  zeo wars 

Long ago during the Ancient times, A great war wiped out many alien races. Many races including our own fought over the power to harness the "Zeo-Verse". A universe where anything is possible, however many wanted to harness the power for it's evil purposes. Against the odds a mythical creature called Yoda raised three warriors trainning them in the ways of the "Zeo" to battle the forces or evil. After a Collosal battle the three warriors sacraficed themselves sealing themselves in the "Zeo-Verse" so that Evil would never be able grasp it's power...

Later on in the current times. A new student comes to Taunton's College without a clue of what destiny has ready for him. He meets with many new students including Small Gay's, Girls (:-O) and of course a chav! On his first day this student occurs many events including "Lightsaber Duels, Harry Potter Duels and Naked Running". Now Paul Hiscock will return for his second day at college with old forces re-awakening...

Galactik Geek - Zeo Wars announced!

Jordan Hiscott Recently unveiled two brand new episodes to add to season one of Galactik geek, where we are introduced to the D


ark Side! Also we are told that this Sneak Preview trailer has been entered into Solent University Competition :-O 

Lets hope we win! :-) 

Galactik Geek ! 

We can finally afford a website! Whoo! Anyways for all the latest gossip or dates to when Galactik Geek the final episodes shall be done, keep checking the page out. Facebook has been proven very untrustworthy so for now we shall benefit with the New Blank New Website :-)



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