Galactik Geek - "The Zeo Wars" Galactik Geek - "The Zeo Wars" Galactik Geek - The Pilot Episode At first a Media Studies Project, Second a Trailer, Third a Full-Length Episode! Cast of Jordan Hiscott, Carl Britten, Jordan IP shows the dedication of our students and are proud to give you the weirdest Comedy on in the Universe! 124350118 Galactik Geek - The Dark Side The dark Side of Galactik Geek is revealed, with a new cast, new villains and a much more complex story line. Zeo - The Dark Side , is a pulse rating episode leaving the audience in question... When's the Third one out? 124350049 Galactik Geek - Heroes of our Reality With Paul Hiscock dead. Chav Ip will now journey through new rivals, befriend allies. To bring Paul Hiscock from the grave... Untied the Three Descendants will Bring justice down upon their Foes...... 134536269 Galactik Geek Zeo - The Final Day Good VS Evil... Since the beggning we are now drawn into the epic finale of the first Series with only one question... Is Paul Hiscock gay? . . . 124350117 GG - We do what we Must Galactik Geek the Zeo Wars "We do what we must" Designed and produced by Lee Harley 127379138 The Previous Galactik Geek Logo Galactik Geek Episode 1 Logo 127379139 GG - Emperor Dupont A new teaser Poster, for Galactik Geek Episode 2 "That is Irrelevant" 128034164 GG - Darth Vader A new teaser Poster, for Galactik Geek Episode 2 "YES!" 128034165 GG - Bellatrix Lestrange A new teaser Poster, for Galactik Geek Episode 2 "Did you loose, Prepare to Die" 128034166 134536270 134536271 134536272 134536273 134536274 134536275 134536276 134536277 134536278 194191484 194191485 194191486 194191487 194191488 194191489 194191490 194191491 194191492 194191493 194191494