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Even though the site isn't updated regularly we still update our Facebook Page ABSURD AMATEURS! Season 1 of Galactik Geek is nearly finished "Heroes of our Reality!" so we are starting our new season very soon! Check it out!

Director Jordan Hiscott


J.Hiscott Productions

The Brand new film competition has delayed the release for Galactik Geek Episode 3 "Heroes of our Reality". We have now set our sights on creating a brand new comedy for the competition and for a future series release.

"We love the idea of a competition after all the effort put into Episode 1 & 2 of Galactik Geek. I believe we deserve a break. This doesn't mean we've given, up far from it! "Heroes of our Reality" Will air in Autumn time so please don't think 'what a couple of pricks' just because we are again delaying our episode."

The competition involved 2 weeks of creating your own comedy entitled "The Big Tuesday" with a certain line involved. If this comedy becomes successful  then we will create a series. However in due mean time another side project is under way the creation of "Galactik Geek - The Zeo Wars (Tales)" a short book based on the "Zeo Wars" which will be wrote by Jordan Ip and Jordan Hiscott.



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